Kitchen Spotlight: Mallow&Co

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Is everyone feeling the mid-week slump right about now? Well here is a little pick-me-up. Meet Summer from the blog Mallow&Co. She is one of the cutest girls in the blogging community that I've gotten the pleasure of meeting thus far and her blog is just as sweet as she is! Did you think it was possible to make a rice krispy treat over 40 different ways? Oh, you didn't? Well then I think you need to hop on over to Summer's blog, Mallow&Co to find out how! Or just click on each of these pictures to be taken to some mighty delicious recipes! 

Samoa (Caramel DeLite) Rice Krispy Treats

Pistachio Rice Krispy Treats

Cinnamon Roll Rice Krispies

Doritos Rice Krispy Treats

Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats

I had the opportunity to have a little Q&A with Summer to get to know more about her and her blog and let me tell you guys- she's awesome! Check her out for yourselves:

What got you into cooking?
I really started cooking once I got married and all of a sudden dinner became my responsibility (if it were up to my husband we'd be eating pizza every night). Up until then I just cooked randomly. (unless you count making pb & j sandwiches cooking... which totally takes skill... there's just no heat involved so I hesitate to call it cooking)
Why did you want to start a blog?
I was a professional blog stalker for about 3-4 years until I finally decided I wanted to be a part of the food blogging world myself! I was trying to figure out some sort of dessert category I could become an expert on. But after scratching out the more difficult items like cakes, pies, etc (due to past failures ;) ) the only thing I was left with was rice krispy treats! So I decided to go for it!
What are your favorite things to cook?
Of course I love rice krispy treats, but in addition to that I really love baking! Breads, cookies, brownies,... all things that begin with butter and sugar.
What advice do you have for bloggers who are just starting out?
Find something that interests you and sets you apart from others. Even if it's just adding your own twist on an classic recipe, everyone loves trying something new! And most importantly just have fun. Don't stress on the details. (ps: html and I are sworn enemies since I started my blog)
What is your favorite thing to eat?
Ice cream. Or Cereal. They tie.
Any last remarks?
Thanks to Paige for doing this guest post! She's got such a cute/fun blog!

There you have it! Be sure to head on over to Mallow&co to find out how to make these awesome treats! And a BIG thank you to Summer for spending time over here today!


  1. thanks for the guest post Paige! So fun!

  2. What a fun guest post. I'm headed to check out Mallow&Co now. Those treats all look delicious too!

  3. I love krispy treats too! Can never get enough! Will definitely hop on over to check it out!