9 Month Check Up

Today we took Jay to the Doctors for his 9 month check up and he is at 19.5lbs and 29 inches. He is in the 25% for weight and 75th for height. He's only gained 1 pound in the last 3 months which I thought was crazy but the doctor said that at this point is more genetics, where up to now the growth was based more on nutrition. Then the doctor said since Derek and I were "slender", that he didn't see Jay turning out to be very chunky.

Jay is a crazy man now a days! He crawls all over, pulls to stand, crawls up all the stairs, can pull himself to stand by holding to the wall, he cruises on all the furniture, and apparently these were all the things he was supposed to learn from 9-12 months so I think Jay is going to be walking in the next couple months. If he stays on the same trend he is now anyways.

Jay still has no teeth. But we have the faith that one day he will. And they will be the prettiest teeth in all the land. And by pretty I mean white, maybe. But definitely not straight. Sorry bud, mom and dad both had braces, and mom's were on for 5 years, so you're in for it. Sorry in advance. Love you!

Apparently NC has VERY different car seat rules than Utah. The doctor gave us a paper today saying that if your baby is over 20 pounds and still in an infant seat they need to be switched to a convertible seat. And that they need to stay rear facing until 1 and then can get switched after that! Strange since my infant seat says he can stay in it until 30 pounds and then Utah said to be rear facing until 2 years! Why can't all the states just have the same national rules!? Make it easy on moms everywhere! So anyways, if anyone has any good recommendations on a convertible seat let me know!

What a ham!

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  1. He is such a cutie! We just bought a convertible car seat last month. We got the Eddie Bauer one at Target. I liked that there was lots of padding for little ones (like a newborn) if I want to use it with the next one, but it could also be removed (making it easier to put I-Man in as a bigger baby). Pretty much we liked that it was really padded, a little on the smaller side (we just have a sedan with limited backseat space), and wasn't too pricey (around $115). Anyways, those are at least things to consider when you are looking. And I know they have a nice one at Sam's Club (that I didn't notice til after we got ours). Oh, and sorry for the super long comment, but even though I love Wal-Mart, I didn't feel they had that great of a selection of rear/forward facing convertibles.