Garden and Jay's Room

I feel like I only ever write about the things that I do on the weekends. I mean, that is really when the good stuff happens, and more often than not I feel like I'm just in survival mode during the week from the time Jay wakes up until Derek comes home from work, but I should write more about what's going on in our lives today before I write about our weekend fun. So stay with me people. 

I'm currently on my spring semester of school and am taking 7 credits and will be done in the middle of July. Then I will only have one more semester before I finally have my Associates! Wahoo! (4 schools, 1 certificate, and 74 credits later...) I'm getting my Associates in General Studies with a family studies emphasis. I'm currently applying to North Carolina Central University to finish my bachelors starting in January. I was really hoping to be done after my associates, but apparently that still wasn't good enough for my parents, and alas, my never ending journey for their approval continues, and on to the bachelors I go. However, I can't blame it ALL on my parents because I do feel like getting my bachelors is something that I really need to do, and I know I'm ALWAYS going to regret it if I don't. And I just keep feeling like the spirit is also telling me this is something I need to do... and you can't argue with that, right? This picture has been keeping me pretty focused lately. Because time is truly the hardest part. 

Derek is also going to be doing the first block this year for his summer semester and is still on track to graduate in December of 2014! So that's awesome. His summer classes start on Monday and he has a pretty heavy load, but it's only 6 weeks so I'm hoping he does well! 

Also, this week I talked to a Duke Med Student at the car dealership while I was waiting on getting my oil changed for 40 minutes about BYU, Utah, and Mormons, so that was pretty cool! Jay is an easy ice breaker for all missionary opportunities by the way. People just love him, so he definitely opens up conversations!

In the world of Jay, he is walking along all the furniture like crazy. He can stand and then sit himself back down without hurting himself. And he is back to sleeping in his crib again because of said accomplishment. I don't know if I wrote about this in the blog or not, but we had him sleeping in his pack n play since he would fall and hit his head in the crib on the hard wood since he couldn't figure out how to get himself back down without falling. So hopefully he is over that now! And tonight he had his first taste of grilled cheese and loved it!

Yesterday we realized that Jay is starting to stand on his own without us holding him so we were doing lots of practice with that last night after we went on a date night to Bull City Burger! (good, but not as good as Only Burger, so we probably won't go back since it's more expensive and further away from only burger...)

Then this morning I went to a fun baby shower for my friend Anna, which was so fun! I really love living out here and getting to know all of the fun people in our ward! I'm glad we're planning on staying here for a while! 

Then when I got home we finally decorated Jay's room! We hadn't hung anything on the walls since we moved here and his room needed some living up! My goal is to decorate a room each week/month until our place finally starts to look and feel more like home. I think we procrastinated it so long since we thought we were going to be buying a house, but now we're not, so decorating we will!

After decorating I planted my garden, finally! I built it weeks ago but finally bought the plants to go in the thing! So this year I will be growing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, cucumbers, and raspberries! It's going to be exciting to see if they actually grow!

And that's really all we're up to! Sorry this post was so long! So if you read the whole thing give yourself a pat on the back, and a dessert! I'm sure you burned a lot of calories reading it, so treat yourself! 

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