Half Bath Decor

For some reason the most used bathroom in our house is the half bath downstairs. It's the bathroom that Derek gets ready for work in on the mornings he goes to work so he doesn't make a lot of noise upstairs and potentially wake up Jay. It's the bathroom I get ready in everyday because Jay can play in the living room and I can leave the door open to keep an eye one him. Then it's also the bathroom that we use for our bodily functions during the day because, who wants to walk all the way upstairs? And it's the bathroom the company uses. Which is why I decided that it would be the room I tackle this week to look more presentable. To be really honest, We had the missionaries over for dinner and there were bath towels for hand towels hanging on the rack, a pair of pajamas that Jay had pooped on that had been cleaned in the sink that were hanging to dry, and little hairs from Derek shaving all over the sink. I was mortified when one of the missionaries asked if they could go wash their hands. And I secretly want to have them over again just so I can prove to them that we're not slobs, because it was just bad. My mom taught me better is all I got to say about that. So here are the after pictures of the cleaned and decorated bathroom. And no one wants to see the before pictures, although they do exist, I'll spare you!

I only invested $20 into this room for everything! That includes the picture (which I love), the frame, the hand towels, the vase, pebbles, and fake flowers, and the tooth brush holder and soap dispenser! I think that is definitely $20 well spent! I didn't know that you could get frames at the dollar store! If I had known that sooner, my goodness I could have saved myself some serious cash! And Ross?! Am I the only one that didn't know about their amazing home decor section? I'll definitely be going back there when it's time for some other rooms in the home! So I got the frame, vase, pebbles, and flowers at the dollar store for $1 each. The picture I got printed at Sam's club for $2. The towels I got at Ross for $4 each, (which I think I could have gotten for a lot cheaper if I went to Walmart but I didn't want to go to another store... Then I got the soap dispenser, and tooth brush holder for $2.50 each at Ross. This is definitely a lot better than the college dorm room looking bath room we had before!


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