Happy Mother's Day to ME!

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day! While it didn't go as planned it was still a wonderful day! Jay woke up at 7 and Derek got out of bed and took him downstairs to play. I thought this was wonderful, getting the royal treatment right from the get go. Naturally I slept for another hour before going downstairs. When I woke up I heard Derek in the kitchen and got really excited because I thought he was making me breakfast! False. He was getting Jay's bottle and then went and lied down on the living room floor. He had a pretty nasty stomach bug and said that he wasn't going to be able to go to church and that he wanted to make me pancakes and he was really sorry. So I got Derek the medicine he needed, took a shower and got Jay down for a nap and ran to church, got the sacrament and then ran right back home after the sacrament was passed. Yep, I was that person, didn't even wait until the end of the meeting. 3 hours of church turned into 20 minutes.

When I got home Derek was passed out on the couch and Jay was still sleeping. Derek slept pretty much all day until 3 aside from running in and out of the bathroom but started to feel better by 5.

I made myself a killer Mother's Day dinner. Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo. Yep, I know how to treat myself.

After that Derek, Jay and I got to Skype with all of Derek's family back in Idaho and California which was so fun! Then we finished the night by watching the Survivor finale. Don't judge us, we don't watch this every Sunday, they just had the finale on Sunday instead of Wednesday, and it's not like our day was too spiritual to begin with, and I really wanted to see who won since we watched the whole season so I watched it. Don't judge me. We're all on different spots on the path right?

BUT, what I know everyone else wants to know is... What did I get?! Well Derek spoiled me, after I told him not to. He got me 2 dozen roses, and some sweet books that I'll get to read to Jay when he's a little older! I sure do love Derek and being Jay's mom. :)

Oh, and what would Mother's Day be without a tongue lashing from my own mom? Yeah, those are always fun!

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