Jay's First Memorial Day!

Whenever a holiday strikes around here I feel obligated to make some sort of fun out of it. Today we were invited to go to the ocean with a bunch of friends from church, but since we were already visiting friends in VA this weekend, and Derek has to be to work at 3 today, we decided to find something else to do. I had been wanting to go strawberry picking all spring and this was the last week for it, so we decided to hit it up while we still could. Sadly, most of the berries were already picked through and so we had to look hard for the few we got, but it was still a fun adventure and Jay had lots of fun! We're excited to go blueberry picking in just a couple weeks when all the farms will just start getting their crops in!

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  1. Yay for new firsts! I know you didn't end up going to the beach, but I am so jealous that the beach is even an option!!! AHHHHHHHH I want to just lay out in the sun with my masses of sunscreen on an do nothing but play in the water all day!