Manual Mode

This week I've been trying to learn a lot more about using the manual mode on my camera since I know I'm really limiting myself to the pictures I can take by using the automatic modes. Although I must admit that I do love creative auto. I think that I'll still use that any day over just the regular auto with flash or auto no flash. But I'm really trying hard to develop a knowledge of the manual settings and what each of them mean. I've taken SO MANY PICTURES this week while I've been practicing, but I'll only share my favorites!

While I know these pictures aren't perfect I like them because I can control the lighting in the pictures better indoors while in manual. If I shoot in automatic I either get harsh flashes, or too dark of a picture. I like that when I'm controlling the ISO and shutter speed, I get to choose how much light will be in the pictures and they don't need as much editing after! In fact, only one of these picture I had to adjust brightness on and it wasn't as much as normal indoor photos that I take. And yes I'm aware that some of these have too much light, but I'm learning, and it's fun!

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