Evan and Fernanda Came to Play

Evan and Fernanda are most definitely our best couple friends! We love them so much! Evan and Derek were roommates before we all got married and Fernanada and I lived in the same building when we were single too! Since Derek and I got married and they were still dating, and are now married, we have spent so much time with them, from countless games of Settlers of Catan, Yahtzee, and Scrabble,  and chicken wing nights, and ice cream, we just love all the memories we have with these two. We were so excited when we found out they were going to be in Alabama for the summer because that meant we were probably going to be able to see them at some point. Since they had to drive to New Jersey to buy a car this last week, they stopped and saw us tonight at our place on their way back to Alabama. We celebrated Evan's birthday a few days late, watched Jay eat spaghetti for the first time, and ate a delicious checker board cake. The night was topped off with a game of scrabble (Derek won). We're so glad their able to spend the night with us, but are going to be so sad when they leave tomorrow! 

Note: Cake was made without the checkerboard cake pan, I'm proud of myself! 

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