Evan and Fernanda, pt. 2

This morning we all gathered around outside our humble abode to take a self-timered picture together and to wish Evan and Fernanda well on their journey back to Alabama. We got in the car and headed to church. When I had gotten home there was a voice mail on my phone saying, "Paige it's Evan, call me ASAP!". After following his instructions we learned that they stopped at a Burger King for lunch on their way out of town and Fernanda left her purse there and someone had stolen it! They filed a police report and then came back to our place for a few hours to see if it would turn up, but then sadly left town without their possessions around 6pm. We're hoping and praying that they get their stuff back, but we were selfishly slightly happy to get to spend a few more hours with them, outside of the fact of the missing purse.

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