Kristina's Baby Shower!

Yesterday we all made the 2.5 hour drive to Chesterfield, VA where we got to spend the day with Kristina and her hubby. We also got to stay long enough for Kristina's baby shower! It was so fun and I even won one of the games! While we were there we went swimming in a reservoir where swimming was absolutely not allowed. We got out just in time to look like innocent bystanders while another group of about 12 high school kids got threaten to go to jail and kicked out of the area! Good thing Michael was a smooth talked and able to make up an address right on the spot so that he could tell the officer that we were residents of the neighborhood we were in. Yep, we lied and are getting thrust down to heck as stated in 2 Nephi 9. Sadly we don't have many pictures from the day since I left my camera at their house before we went swimming, but Jay loved it, as usual!

I'm so glad that Kristina and I have become such good life long friends that we're willing and able to meet up with each other at any possible moment! AKA random VA hangouts!

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