Jay is 10 Months!

This is so crazy to me. My little guy is already 10 months. Time to start planning that birthday party! Just kidding, if you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know I already started planning a couple weeks ago! But I'm so excited! Anyways, as far as Jay updates go, physically, he is doing everything he was doing at 9 months, walking when we hold his hands, pulling to stand, cruising along the furniture, crawling up the stairs, and standing for a few seconds when we put him up on his feet before he falls over.

However, there have been big cognitive mile stones this past month. Jay now says Momma, and Dada. When you say clap your hands, he does it. When you say give me a kiss, he'll eat your nose. When you say "Where is my nose?" he points to it. When you crawl behind him and say "I'm gonna get you!" he crawls away faster, and laughs! When you say turn off the light, he flips the switch. He's a smarty pants, just like dad.

He loves watching nursery rhyme songs on Youtube with Derek in the morning. Today he was even clapping at the right spots (by himself) during B-I-N-G-O, I wish I got it on video, it was amazing!

He's doing better with eating solid food, meaning he eats real food about 3 times a day now, which was better than once every other day before.

He has been sleeping through the night with no 1am wake up for the last couple weeks which has been spoiling me and I really hope it lasts! Especially since he doesn't wake up until 8-9! We've been feeling so refreshed each morning which is good since we've been going to be a lot later now that Derek gets home at 12:30am from work!

Size 4 diapers and 12 month size clothes, this little boy is so big!

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  1. He's such a cutie! And I love the updates. I wonder if I-Man will be doing all this in a month? (He just started pulling himself up and is showing interest in cruising.) And I-Man isn't super interested in food either. I'm not really pushing it, I figure that like Kyle, at some point he'll just "get it" and it won't be such a battle for me.