Life of Pie

Last week while watching the season premier of the American Baking Competition, I found myself craving so much pie. Mainly because last weeks challenge was for each contestant to make 3 different pies. 30 pies total in one show. My mouth was watering and I've been thinking about pie, (and how it's not in my body as often as I would like), and how I need to make more of it! Since we live in a place where we can go and pick so much fresh local fruit from the farms all year long, I've been thinking about how fun it would be to try out new pies every couple weeks, using fresh local produce and ingredients! While searching the internet for all things pie, I've found some recipes that I really want to try this year! Check them out below, in the order in which I hope to try them!

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Picture of Grandma's Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Recipe

Dutch Apple Pie

Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Sorry I had to put you all through that. Truth is, if I manage to actually make one of these that will be a miracle! I've kind of been in an anti baking/cooking mood lately, if you haven't noticed with the lack of recipes lately. Anyways, this should help me get out of my funk and into the kitchen! What are your go to pie recipes? 

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  1. I've never had sweet potato pie. Is it as good as it looks? I think I'll have to make it soon!