The First Father's Day

Today was Derek's first Father's Day so I wanted to make sure that I spoiled him rotten. I think mission was accomplished! For Mother's Day Derek had gotten me 3 Mother's Day related children stories that I could read to Jay and our other future children. I decided to return the favor and got Derek 3 Father's Day related children's books: The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad!, Daddies, and The Night Before Father's Day. I also got him and Jay matching ties since it's a tradition done by Derek's older siblings and their families, and I can't resist an opportunity for matching clothes.

I then further spoiled Derek by making him some German Pancakes with berries for breakfast. After confirming that my recipe and his mom's recipe were the same, and adding a little more butter like she told me to do, Derek said, "It's really close, there's just a little something that's different...", whatevs, this is how he's getting them from now on... Until we go to Idaho for Christmas, then he can get the real deal! For dinner we had marinated steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans, with peach cobbler for dessert (recipe here)! We're so full!

In other news, we bought our plane tickets to go to Idaho for Christmas! We only paid $180 for the three of us to get there so it was awesome! We still need to purchase our tickets for the way back, but we're planning on being there Dec 18- Jan 3! We're so excited to be gone for that long and that we get to spend so much time in Idaho! We LOVE Idaho!

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