The Playground and Garden

The last few days here have been so gloomy! With hurricane Andrea coming through the coast it's been nothing but thunder and lighting on and off for days. This morning when we woke up it was bright and sunny so we thought we would take advantage of it before it turned to rain again! We got ready and went to the play ground. Jay had a great time swinging with Mom and Dad, watching us blow bubbles, and playing on the playground equipment.

After we got Jay tired at the playground we went to Lowe's to get some tomato cages for my garden since the hurricane winds had blown my plants over and I didn't want them to die! We drove home and got the cages in and even saw a bunch of tomatoes coming in! I'm having pretty high hopes for my little garden!


 Cherry tomatoes coming in!

Cucumbers are starting to flower! 
^this one was 1 tomato plant and somehow split into 4! so we have a total of 9 tomato plants now!

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