Walking! - The Happy Flammily

This morning while Jay was doing his usual cruising along the furniture we noticed he was getting bold and at one point let go of the couch and walked almost across the room to Derek on the other couch. We couldn't believe it. Instantly we grabbed him and played the "Walk to Mom and Dad Game", and he was doing it like a pro! Taking 3-4 steps each time before falling into our arms and getting celebratory hugs and kisses. It was the greatest moment ever! (Aside from getting married and actually having a baby of course.) I'm so excited for Jay but almost wish that he would stop growing up so fast! These last 10 months have gone by so fast and I feel like it's all just a blur! It's a good thing I write in this blog often enough so I'll be able to remember it all over again! (Insert A-HA moment for why the church thinks keeping a journal is such a good idea!)


  1. Zoe's cruising along the couches too. I'm sad that she'll be walking so soon :(

  2. Kyle is growing up too fast! Which means I-Man will soon follow!