Blueberry Picking

After many failed attempts and rainy days, we finally made it out this morning for a beautifully sunny blueberry picking session. At first I thought I was dragging Derek to something he had no desire to endure, but as we kept picking it felt more like he was dragging me a long. The sun was so hot and we were all getting sweaty. Jay and I were both getting pretty cranky from the heat, but Derek kept saying, "just a few more handfuls!" Although I should mention that Jay was pretty pro at finding the ripe berries verses the unripe ones and that he loved eating some as we picked! He is a blueberry monster!

When we finally decided we had gathered enough berries, we headed back to the weigh station to check out. They had a 1 pound minimum per person, and since there was 2 of us we had to pick at least 2 pounds, (thankfully they didn't count Jay), we came up short with 1.97lbs of berries, meaning we had to head back out in the heat. 

I really had no desire to go pick more, but told Derek he could sit with Jay by the picnic tables and that I would go back and get more berries. Luckily, Derek was just really into the berry picking thing and told me he would go back out while I say with Jay. Derek was gone for about another 15-20 minutes which I thought was obnoxious since he only needed a few more handfuls and there were a million berries. 

When he finally came back and weighed the bucket we had 2.65lbs. He was so proud and I was happy that I just got to relax and drink cold water and watch the chickens with Jay. We're excited to make some delicious muffins and a pie over the next couple days and to just eat our fresh berries! 

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