Cooking My Way Through The Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Over the last two years I've collected quite a few cookbooks and sadly I never look through them when I want to try something new. My first pick is always Pinterest for recipe inspiration. I decided last week that since people were willing to spend their money to give me these cookbooks, I should probably look through them and make some of the things in them. This entire week's meal plan comes from this Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Tonight for dinner I made these meatballs and mashed potatoes and they were delicious. I've made quite a few meatball recipes since we've been married and they've all tasted like dense hockey pucks. Derek and I agreed that these were both soft, and delicious. 

You can find her meatball recipe here, and  her mashed potatoes here!

I've picked out 23 recipes from her book that I want to try and these are just the first two, so over the next few weeks I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of her recipes on here!

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