Jay: 11 Months Update

Well another month has gone by, and physically Jay is doing pretty much all the same things he was doing last month at 10 months old. He can still take a few steps between Derek and I and is starting to get a little bold and stand up without holding onto anything, but aside from that we're physically the same in all aspects.

As far as cognition goes, this kid is SO smart! One day I put his puffs, his Mickey Mouse doll, and his teddy bear on the living room floor. I asked him "where's mickey?" and he crawled, grabbed mickey, and brought him back to me. He then did the same thing for the puffs and the teddy bear. He is starting to wave hello and goodbye. He doesn't really say anything other than "mommmmm" and "daddd".

He still has no teeth. We're pretty sure he'll never have any. I weighed him this morning and he was 21 pounds, yes, he's chunky, don't judge. He's still wearing 12mo size clothes, and I think we should probably be in them for a while.

He's been eating a lot more solid foods. He'll usually have dry cereal and berries for breakfast. Cheese, crackers, and dried fruit for lunch, and then whatever we have for dinner, he'll have the same. He still drinks about 24 ounces of formula a day, but if we give him milk he'll drink that too. He's also pretty pro at drinking from a normal water bottle, a skill he was forced to acquire on our trip to the ocean last week.

We're in full planning stages for his birthday bash next month, and I could no be more excited!

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