Jay's First Birthday!

Derek tried telling me that this was technically his second birthday because his first birthday was the day he was born... but we'll just ignore him. Jay's birthday was a blast! We got to spend it with the Dennis', my mom and dad, and brother, NC friends (Charisse and Benjamin!), the Standages, and Kristina, Michael, and baby Forest! It was the perfect grouping of people to celebrate a special little boy!

Jay got spoiled with many presents including, a bead runner, clothes, a tractor, an airplane, a helicopter, some puzzles and books. There will no longer be days at home where he is bored playing with his newborn toys... at least for a while.

I was really hoping that Jay was going to have a love for cake like his mom, but he didn't want any, and then I put a little frosting on my finger and then might have forced him to eat a little, then he picked up the cake and threw it on the floor. So Jay doesn't like cake. Oh well... womp womp womp...


  1. haha he REALLY hates cake. It's okay though , Gregg and I love chocolate and Zoe HATES it. So I already know I can't do chocolate at her party.

  2. That was so fun! And those are super cute PJs. I am duly impressed with how well Kyle handled his birthday party :).