On My Morning Run

This morning's run was a surreal moment for me. I ran the farthest that I've ever ran since living in NC. I signed up for  5K that is one week from today a few weeks ago, and the thought of actually being able to finish that race, let alone get a time that I would be proud of seemed like a goal too big for what I could really accomplish. After having timed myself on a run earlier in the week for a pace check, I realized I was running a pace that was a lot faster than I thought I could do. Then running such a good long run today, it made it seem like all the pieces are starting to come together for me to run a good race next week. I'm really excited, and Derek and Jay are going to come to cheer me on! 

This morning while I was running to my favorite Owl City, Pandora station on my phone, this song came on and it just made me smile and think of Derek. This is exactly how I feel about him :) 

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