Denim on Denim on Boots

This is one of my typical fall uniforms. I love slipping on a comfy pair of boots everywhere I go in the fall/winter months, and a chambray shirt is just a straight up wardrobe staple! I scored these boots last week for $20 bucks. I had seen advertisements on Facebook for months now from a company called JustFab claiming you could get 2 pairs of shoes for $39.99. I thought it was a scam or something for the longest time, but out of boredom I clicked on it finally, and wasn't sorry. In exchange for filling out a quick survey I was offered 1/2 my first purchase within the next 24 hours, making these boots $21 and some change after taxes, and shipping was free. I'm totally sold and love these boots! It was a pretty big impulse purchase but I figured if I didn't buy these I was going to pay $50 for some at Target in the next couple weeks, so I might as well just save $30 now. Surprisingly that logic won over Derek and the boots were all mine! 

Shirt: Old Navy (Buy Here)| Jeans: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Boots: JustFab (Buy Here)

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  1. I just read a little while ago about rules in fashion which should never be broken! You should never wear denim on denim - was one of them.
    Luckily, the only rule in fashion is that there are no rules! Now it's proved that denim on denim, especially when they are totally different, look great together! :))