Freedom is a Beautiful Thing

Guys, I have to be real honest about something. I live a very sheltered, comfortable, blessed and sometimes naive life. I have the comfort and blessing of being able to be a stay at home mom while my husband works all day long at a job that luckily supports us and allows for me to do such. While at times I think we have struggles, in the grand scheme of life they are little grains of salt compared to the mountains others are forced to move. 

These realities of my comfortable life hit me when my friend Suzzie began blogging about her friends who have decided to sell everything they own to go and serve the people of the Philippians for 5 years. They are giving their time and efforts to help those who have fallen victim to human trafficking. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't even know what this meant, but just in case anyone else has no clue either... Wikipedia defines this as, "the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world."

I had no idea anything like this was even happening in the world! I'm glad that I have friends like Suzzie who are able to open my eyes to the harsh realities of life that happen outside of the comfort of my cushy bubble. That is why today, Suzzie and I, a long with a handful of other fabulous bloggers are teaming up to giveaway one of these fabulous bags from Stop Traffick Fashion, a company who donates proceeds to women and children who have fallen victim to these crimes and helps them to establish and live full and meaningful lives. To enter the giveaway, please use the rafflecopter below, and be sure to check out Stop Traffick Fashion to see some of their other awesome products! 

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