Derek's Birthday

This year Derek turned 25! He's an entire quarter of a century old! We didn't celebrate Derek's birthday really until the day after because Jay was sick the day before, and then passed whatever he had to me, and I was too sick to do anything on Derek's actual birthday. Everyone at Netapp threw Derek and awesome party the day of for him, and Jay and I got to go to that which was a lot of fun! That night we skyped with everyone in Idaho, which is always a blast! (I'm starting to realize everything is ending with an exclamation point so I'll try to calm myself down...)

Sadly I don't have any pictures of  what Derek's cake looked like the day I made it. When we realized we weren't going to have cake that night I just covered it in foil and then had to do reconstructive surgery on it the next day, and it was just a sad looking cake at that point, but believe me, at one point it looked better than the picture, but not by much if we're being entirely honest.

Derek scored a couple gift cards that are going to be converted into two separate date nights! Huzzuh! I love when his presents benefit me as well ;) I wasn't allowed to get Derek a present since when we upgraded our phones last month I went for the 5c since it was cheaper and Derek splurged and got himself the 5s so he says that was his gift. Although, I'm trying to convince him that he should let me get him a bike so he doesn't have to walk to work everyday, but oh well.

Oh, I just remembered, I did get him a gift. Derek joked about me getting him a "stock pile" (couponing term used to represent a large quantity of goods purchased with coupons for very little money), of drinks like Gatorade, or vitamin water, or something like that. A week before his birthday I found myself in possession of (6) Fruit2o coupons, and a buy one get one sale at Harris Teeter that made 6 packs of said drink .49 cents each, so Derek has a lovely flavored water stash that he is slowly enjoying.

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  1. Haha I'm glad Zoe isn't the only one who has started picking her nose.