Checking in with Couponing

So as far as my $1,000 coupon donation thing that I'm working on is concerned, I'm doing great! I'm officially at $695.42 and only have $304.58 to go! Today I chopped over $200 off my goal by scoring some free vitamins at Walgreens.

There have been a couple changes to how this is all going to work and the time frame that I have to do it in. As many of you may know, the typhoon in the Philippines has caused a lot of destruction and so many people have lost EVERYTHING! My heart seriously hurts for all of those people and the devastation over there. When I saw how bad things were, I knew I wanted to help, but didn't know how I could. I immediately thought about shipping all the couponed goods over there myself, but that would be so expensive! Then I came in contact with a hair salon here in NC, whose owner is from the Philippines! They are collecting donations until the 30th of November and then will be driving all of the goods up to Virginia that weekend to the Red Cross, who will then ship them all out to the Philippines!

I'm so grateful to be able to do this and know that my donation will go to good use! I'm grateful that as small and insignificant my donation may seem when compared to the millions of people who are sick and afflicted right now, I know that it will be able to make a small impact in a few peoples lives and know that it will be at least appreciated by a few!

So I now have until next Friday to meet my goal instead of another month from now, but consider challenge accepted!

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