Baby Blanket Sewing Tutorial

Since I've had a sewing machine for not even a month now, I think that makes me totally qualified to show you how to make the worlds easiest baby blanket, as taught to me by my friend Charisse. This is seriously so easy, and my new sewing machine, which is also SO easy to use, makes this job smooth sailing. I made this blanket for my friend Jessica who is having a baby at the end of the week and I thought these fabrics were perfect for their baby boy!

What You Need:
Two different prints of flannel fabric, 1 yard each
Sewing Machine

Line up fabrics, right sides together and trim off any excess fabric hanging off any of the sides and pin together. Don't mind the hot mess going on in my dining room right now!

Using a 2in seam allowance, straight stitch your way around the blanket... 

Be sure to leave an opening about 6in wide, back stitching before and after the opening to prevent unraveling. you will use this hole to turn the blanket inside out, so the right sides are on the outside. 

Turn the blanket inside out once you're done straight stitching around the inside.

Make sure to pull your corners out all they way so they look nice and neat!

Using an iron on low heat, press the seams together. 

Using a 5/8in seam allowance, choose a decorative stitch, and stitch your way all around the top of the blanket. Make sure that the hole from where you turned it inside out gets sealed. 

And then you're done! Let me know if you have any questions!

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