Jay at 15 Months

Today I took Jay to the Dr for his 15 month check up (yes almost a month late). This is the first time that we've gotten bad news from the Dr. Not bad, bad, but not the best. Jay's heart murmur that he was born with was supposed to have closed by now and it hasn't. If it's still there at his 2 year check up, he'll have to get tested for a few things and we'll go from there. I'm not too worried about this because I'm pretty sure they run in my family (as in my mom, grandma, and sister all have one), and they're doing just fine.

The other not-so-great news was that Jay should be talking a lot more right now than he is, and the doctor recommended that we take him to a speech therapist, but said we could wait until 18 months at the latest, which we're going to do because I have hope that spending 18 days in Idaho for Christmas with his 11 cousins that are all under the age of 6 will help get him talking.

And then finally the Dr yelled at me for feeding him at 2am every night and told me that under no circumstances should I give him a bottle at night anymore. Woof, it's going to be a rough week, I can feel it!

Other than that Jay is a whooping 25lbs and 32.2 inches, 75th percentile for both. And since I know you all really want to know what the two of us wore to the Dr today, I  won't keep you in suspense any longer.

Shirt: Old Navy (Buy Here)| Sweater: Target (Clearance, $2!)| Pants: Macy's (Buy Here)| Boots: Just Fab (Buy Here)| Jay Sweater: H&M (In Store Only)| Jeans: Macy's (Buy Here