Jay's New Eating Skills

Jay is so bipolar when it comes to eating. He goes through phases where it's the bee's knees, and eats everything in sight, and then he goes through phases where we're praying that he will eat, literally. As of lately we have discovered that Jay finds eating a lot more interesting when he can do it on his own, with a fork. Apparently the fingers weren't doing it for him anymore and he needed some nice manly utensils. Luckily he hasn't tried to injure himself, or us with said fork yet... we're hoping this new development keeps this kid full and happy for a while. And yes, I do realize that this kid doesn't look like he's starving but that's because 96% of his diet is milk. We're slowly trying to get more solids and less liquids. He was drinking up to 36 ounces of whole milk a day at one point, (last week)... We've cut him down to about 24 and he seems to be doing fine so far... the Dr said 24 was the most he should be drinking a day right now... we just nodded and went a long with it and didn't dare tell him how much Jay really had #ashamedparentingfail

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  1. That cute Kyle! Glad he's giving pasta a try. I hear ya about eating woes. Happy to look through your good lookin' blog Paige!