NC Grown Blog Design

Welcome to the new and improved version of The Happy Flammily! Over the last couples years it's looked pretty rough over here as I have tried and failed at learning HTML and trying to get this blog looking good. I finally told myself that I needed to just pay someone to fix it for me and that was seriously the best decision I've ever made. When I first contacted Jessica over at NC Grown about doing a blog re-design for me, I had no idea that it was going look as wonderful as it does! She went so above and beyond what I could have ever thought this blog would look like. If you need someone to design your blog for you, USE HER!

I love the attention to the details that she gave! I love that you can now hover over a picture and automatically pin it to Pinterst! I love the new easily accessible social media icons, and the entire flow of the blog! This is seriously the greatest Christmas gift I could have given myself! Also, have you noticed my new domain name? No anymore for me :)

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