Miracles Brought us Home

We have  had such a crazy last few days and I just really wanted to share and get it all down here in the blog so I could remember it later. The last 24 hours have been so crazy but we know that from a loving Heavenly Father we were able to make everything work out perfectly. It all started yesterday when we got to the Salt Lake airport only to find out our flight was going to be delayed for 2 hours. This seemed miserable at the time since Jay wanted to be running all over with no where to really go.

Aside from that we learned that we were going to miss our connecting flight into Denver by 10 minutes and we would have to stay in Denver until Wednesday. We didn't really want to have to spend the money on a hotel room for that long since airlines wont put you in a room on them if it's weather related. So I was stressing out big time.

As we were boarding our plane in Salt Lake I looked over to Derek and said this was all happening because we didn't think to pray. He laughed and made fun of me, but as soon as I go on that plane my tray table was down and my face was mashed into it begging that we would make our connecting flight.

When we got to Denver the gate was closed and the plane was ready to take off. I panicked in the middle of the airport and started banging on the door hoping that someone might open it. They did, and they let us on the plane! We were so happy! Although we made it on the plane, our luggage didn't. We've been told that we probably won't see our stuff until at least Wednesday.

This has been the biggest trial of the entire ordeal since literally almost everything we own was in our luggage. Literally all of Jay's clothing was in those bags. The greatest blessing was getting home and finding our Christmas present from my mom and seeing that it was full of clothes for Jay and make up for me. Which I realize that sounds really pathetic, that I hated not having my make up, but I just really feel naked without eye shadow and mascara at church and that was in the package so I was super excited.

It was just amazing to see that we made it on our flight when we shouldn't have, and even though our luggage was lost we have the things that were important to us. Jay is happy he doesn't have to sleep in pants and a jacket anymore, and we've also received so much unexpected Christmas money this year that it feels like blessings are just pouring in from everywhere!

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