Another Maxi Skirt

Over the weekend I made a little shopping trip to Ross to buy new silverware for our house because we were finally fed up with the $10 set I bought from Walmart my freshman year of college. It's almost impossible for me to go to Ross and not get a little something for everyone in the entire family. Derek has been wanting new pillows for our bed for a while, so I got him a belated Valentine's Day present. Jay needed some clothes for spring and summer since the weather here is getting warmer. And alas, what's a trip to Ross without taking a stroll through to see if anything sparks my interest? I found this maxi skirt for only $10.99, clearly all signs pointed to it having to come home with me. I love Ross because we can literally get everything we need in one place, and it's not a huge store to walk through like Target. 

Also, while we're talking about Ross, have you seen their toy section? Every time we have a birthday for one of Jay's friends or we're going on a trip with Jay and want to get a new toy to keep him entertained with, we've always gone to Ross and they've never disappointed. For the record, I'm not getting paid for this post, although, I do love Ross so much that maybe I should ;) 

Maxi Skirt: Ross| Ruffle Shirt: Target (old)| Tank: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Ankle Boots: Target (old)| Sweater: H&M (old)


  1. That skirt was such a great find!! I love it with your ankle boots!


  2. Your hair is beautiful xo

  3. Great outfit! I really like you large skirt! I think your outfit is perfect for every moment in your life! Love it.
    With love
    Marta from

  4. I love maxi skirts, but I always struggle to find one I like, so I always steer more towards maxi dresses!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  5. Ross is one of those stores that it is hard not to find something in each time you go! Great outfit!