How to Wear a Shirt That's Too Big

As a disclaimer, I bought this shirt in August after my birthday online from Forever 21, and when shopping online, I find myself always buying things way too big in fears of getting it and it not fitting. Turns out it can go both ways- too big, and too small. This one happens to fall in the first category. When I first got the shirt I was annoyed at how big it was and that I was going to have to return it. But, being the lazy person that I am, I decided to keep the shirt and work around the fact that it's too big!

Tank: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Shirt: Forever 21 (Old)| Pants: Target (Buy Here)| Boots: JustFab (Buy here

I like to tuck in the front if I want a more put together look and I'm going to be around a lot of people. There's something to be said for making myself look presentable even when I'd rather be rocking option number two!

Most often, if I'm wearing this shirt at home, this is how you'll see me. Minus the boots, and sometimes the pants. This is definitely my go to look when I'm feeling bloated, or it's that time of the month, or when I simply really just don't care. But the fact that I'm wearing a shirt instead of a stinky track t-shirt from high school automatically gives me at least 10 points for the day. 

Sometimes I like to unbutton the last two buttons and tie them together, while also rolling up the sleeves. I think it just gives the shirt a completely different look! Although, I'm thinking this looks better when it's not white tank top on white pants. 

Jay wanted to come out when we were taking pictures and decided to strike a pose in my spot. 

And in the words of Shannon, "And sometimes.... That happens!"

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  1. Very good post my sweetie :P
    Big Kiss <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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    1. I know! I love how subtle changes can really make a piece look completely different, and better.


  3. I love the way that you tied your shirt! it's such a pretty top!


  4. Lovely outfit and how cute. Your little guy!


  5. Such a fun how many different options you showed! Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin, come back next week for stripes and checks :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

  6. Tie it up!! I love the laid back easy nonchalant feel to it :) Kyle is TOO cute!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades