Jay and Pneumonia

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then I'm sure you saw the pretty rough picture of Jay that we shared. That entire night was a nightmare but we had so many tiny miracles that seriously got us through. It all started on Saturday when Jay had an innocent runny nose that we thought was just teething since he's been popping teeth out left and right lately. Sunday night when he went to bed he was coughing- but nothing serious.

Monday morning things had gotten a little worse but I was sure it was just a cold and we were staying on top of applying Breath and On Guard essential oils and they seemed to be helping. That night we went to a friend's house for dinner, and aside from being cranky Jay seemed completely fine. On the way home Jay was coughing, and coughing and literally could not stop. I was just holding his hand the entire time telling him it would be ok as he was panting for breaths in between. We pulled into our parking lot and decided to just pull out again and go straight to a doctor. Things were just getting too bad to leave it until the morning.

We were heading to our normal doctors office because I knew it was connected to an urgent care and we figured he could be seen there. On the way over I saw online that they closed at 8pm and my phone had only one percent battery left. I was panicked because the closest hospital is 20 minutes away (which can't be safe or legal, kidding, kind of), and we're new to the area and don't know where the other doctor's places are. With my one percent battery I managed to pull up the ward directory, find a family that I thought would be familiar with the area, called them, they said they would look up hours online and call me back (lets also talk about the fact that the person I called has 8 kids, and it was bedtime, and they still had time to help me, miracle in and of itself), they called me back, gave me the name of the place, we plugged it into my phone and got there. My phone died a few minutes later. So grateful that it lasted long enough to get through all that.

When we got there they took us in pretty quickly and took his temp and o2 levels. The highest reading that they could get for him was a 92 (which I had originally thought was 93), the nurse casually told us that he stops breathing once he hits 90- no biggie. I was seriously on the edge of bawling the entire time. They did a test for RSV, it came back negative. They brought in a nebulizer for us to give him a breathing treatment and he screamed the entire time except the last three minutes. When he started calming down he was falling in and out of sleep, but I kept trying to not let him fall asleep because I thought he was dying (thank you nurse who made me paranoid the entire night), once the breathing treatment was over we did a chest x-ray, found the pneumonia, got our prescriptions, learned how to use the nebulizer at home, and then left the office at 9:45. The pharmacy closed at 10 and we barely made it on time to get our stuff. Luckily we did and got home.

Jay slept through the night after getting his meds and woke up the next morning with a big appetite and back to his normal self. We took him back to the doctor to get his oxygen levels checked out again and he was back to 100% and no fever! Such a relief. We're finishing out the meds today and hopefully he stays healthy! This kid gets sick so much I'm going to have gray hair by the time I'm 25, but I love him so much!


  1. glad he's feeling better x

  2. Scary! I would have been paranoid and freaking out too. I'm glad he's better!