Jay at 18 Months

Sweater: Target (Buy Here)| Jeans: Macy's (old)| Socks: Carters| Onesie: Gerber

Things to know about Jay at 18 months:
  • I'm just as surprised at him sitting for this picture as you are
  • Sadly, teddy bears are becoming more of a favorite than Mickey Mouse
  • He can say "Da-da", "uh-oh", and occasionally, "yes" (with other inconsistent words here and there)
  • Jay is rocking teeth: E, F, P, O, B, I, L, & N (refer here for more info
  • He loves to play basketball 
  • He loves nursery! 
  • He still likes his milk heated for 48 seconds in the microwave before consumption 
  • He is traumatized of the potty (tried training early- and failed)
  • He likes playing games on mom's phone
  • He likes to cuddle after naps
  • He loves reading books with mom 
  • He holds hands while walking outside 
I'm sure there are so many other things, I just love this guy so much. This time has really gone by so fast, and I wish that I could remember more of what his life has really been like. The first year of his life is all such a blur, I've tried to document as much of it as I could for this reason, but it makes me sad knowing that I can't sit down and just recall all of it.  I'm sure all parents feel the same way, I'm just really grateful for all the pictures we have and for the things I've written here!


  1. He is so cute... and big!! And you are a very great mommy!!


  2. such a cutie!


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  3. He is soooo cute! I love this picture!