16 Weeks & Cobalt

If we're friends on Facebook then I'm sure you saw the picture we posted on Friday night announcing we are 16 weeks along with baby #2. If not, then you just heard it here. I waited so long to tell everyone because everything went so well when I was pregnant with Jay that I've been worried about something bad happening this entire time. Finally at 16 weeks though I guess you need to tell yourself your in this one for the long haul.

This pregnancy has been so different though than with Jay. With Jay I was sick a couple weeks and then I was good the rest of the time. This pregnancy I've had either nausea, vomiting, severe stomach cramps, or migraines almost daily. I haven't really gained any weight yet. I know it's not all about the weight but seriously, I should be bigger by now. I weigh now, what I did at my first appointment during Jay's pregnancy, so I'm hoping to catch up during the second trimester! BTW, the doctor says all my above symptoms are normal, and that the cramps aren't anything to be concerned about at this point. Although, good heck they hurt!

Now that I'm done talking like a Debbie Downer, I am super excited to be pregnant and to bring another tiny little newborn into our family. When we first found out we were pregnant I was seriously so excited. I took the test and then called Derek at work ASAP. He didn't answer so then I tried calling my pseudo mother, who also didn't answer (clearly God was telling me I had to tell my husband first...), Derek finally answered and then I got to talk to Tracie shortly after, but I was seriously SO excited! Jay loves seeing babies and gets super sweet and happy whenever he sees one, I know he is going to make such a great big brother.

Now unto the clothes. This dress was a $3 clearance find at Target! Hollah! I've been wanting to rock the cobalt blue for a while now, and when I saw the $3 price tag  I thought that was a good price for trying out a new trend. I've also been in serious need of new church shoes for a while and saw these at Forever 21 last week and figured they'd pair well with most outfits and home with me they went.

Dress: Target (Buy Here)| Tights: Target (Buy Here)| Belt: Target (Buy Here)| Necklace: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Bracelets: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Heels: Forever 21 (Buy Here)

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  1. Congratulations!! Are you going to find out what you're having??? Your symptoms sound very similar to my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, which were both girls! ;-) And don't worry, I gained ALL of my weight after 20 weeks, and made up for the weight loss in the 1st tri... and then some ;-)

  2. Very interesting post my sweetie :P
    Have a nice Monday !
    Kisses <3


  3. You have snagged some great items from Target.


  4. Congrats! how exciting! and love this cobalt color on you!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. The yellow necklace looks beautiful with the blue dress!

  6. Congrats on the baby! Your blog is adorable!
    Simply Cydney

  7. Love your outfit super cute

    XX Valerie


  8. Congratulations!!!! i'm so happy for you!!


  9. Congrats on the baby!! And you look quite gorgeous in this blue dress. For $3? That's an awesome deal!

  10. congratulations on number two! hang in there and trust your body, it knows what it's doing. and despite how you may be feeling, you look postiviely glowing!


  11. What exciting news, yay!! Love this gorgeous dress on you girly + the added statement necklace is absolutely gorgeous!! xoxo

  12. Beautiful dress! Love the colour :-)

  13. Congrats! You look great, so pretty! Thanks for sharing with Little Miss Monday.
    God bless
    xo, Claire