20 Week Bumpdate

There aren't really words that can eloquently explain the surreal moment of being 20 weeks pregnant. I'm half way done. The count is all downhill from here as we start to actually prepare ourselves, and Jay for the new life entering our family in just another few months. We're so excited to bring a new little baby into our home. We're looking forward to newborn snuggles/naps on the couches, late night feedings, and watching Jay move into the big brother roll. My heart just melts thinking about it all.
This week until next Sunday Derek and I are house/dog sitting for people we go to church with. So if you see pictures and think we moved, the answer is no, but we wish. It's so nice to have a taste of what non apartment living will be like one day! Hopefully before Jay starts kindergarten, maybe. 

How about we forget about the awkward bump picture of me today, and just look at that picture of my two boys in the hammock. I melt. Love them so much. I'm pretty sure Derek's Father's Day gift  is going to be a print out of that on his desk at work. 

Cardigan: Ross| Tank: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Skirt: Jane.com (Buy Here)| Shoes: Target (Old)

How far along? 20 weeks How big is baby? The size of a banana Total weight gain? According to the scale in the house we're in, I've gained over 10 pounds this week, considering the doctor scale says I weigh even less than my own scale with all my clothes on, I'm not going to update that part until we're back in our own house. Maternity clothes? Remember tree trunk legs I mentioned? Yeah... they're in full effect... Like ankles swelling over socks already... Maternity clothes from here on out. Sleep: Deprived due to dogs, not pregnancy Best moment this week? Hitting the half way mark! Food cravings? Ice cream, but I haven't given in, yet. Food aversions? None Symptoms? Holy swollen ankles batman. Gender? GIRL! Movement? So many little wiggles! Have you started to show? Yes! What are you looking forward to? Swimming when it gets warmer! Next appointment? April 16th!


  1. So cute! I love your bumpdates ;)


  2. That hammock picture is too cute!!! and yay for 20 weeks!


  3. Amazing pics!! Amazing family!



  4. Cute baby bump! I'm not gonna lie, it makes me kind of miss being pregnant.