Dotted Hat

Last spring I was watching a medical show on TV that said if you have a red spot on your nose that doesn't go away, that it's the most common form of skin cancer, and that you need to go to the dermatologist ASAP. Of course I just happened to have a red spot on my nose that popped up during my pregnancy with Jay, making this red spot about 13 months old at the time. Clearly I was convinced I had skin cancer and made an appointment to get it checked out. I didn't have skin cancer on my nose but the doctor told me that all the popped blood vessels on my face were from the sun and that I should really start wearing hats and sunscreen. She also informed me that I could pay her $200 to get all the broken blood vessel spots taken off with a laser, but I'm thinking a $10 bottle of foundation can do the trick just fine.

Anyways, my take home message from the doctor was to start taking better care of my skin. I bought this hat last year and never really wore it, but it's been so sunny here lately that I figured I should whip it out and see if I can make it work. Derek said that the hat wasn't really my style, but I argued that skin cancer wasn't my style either... He no longer had anything to say about the hat.

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