Free Belly Button Bands!

Getting dressed can be a pretty eventful time in any woman's day. Add pregnancy to the mix, and it's an almost guarantee recipe for disaster. The last couple weeks I've been putting clothes on and tearing them off five seconds later because they don't feel right, or worse, don't fit right. The first thing to go for me each pregnancy are normally my jeans. If we're being real honest, my legs swell like tree trunks and when I try to button them I look like a hot muffin top mess.

I was recently introduced to The Belly Button Band when they e-mailed me offering to send me some bands to try out. I have to tell you guys, I'm super impressed! My last pregnancy I tried using a belly band and it was just your basic stretchy piece of fabric that went over my pants to cover my unzippered/unbuttoned self. It would either roll up over my bump, or my pants would fly out, exposing myself to all mankind. 

Belly Button Bands are where it's at though! These things stay put because they geniusly have put a button in the band that buttons into the button hole of your jeans that you're wearing. They went even further to put button holes in the band so you can secure your out-of-use button into the band (picture below to make more sense of this). These babies stay put all day long, are super supportive, and just make you feel comfortable (a huge plus in my book when I'm getting bigger by the day). 

The Belly Button Band wants to share the love with all my readers offering them a free band too! Use promo code "flammbbb" at checkout and just pay shipping. Promo code is good while supplies last! I've searched comparables on the internet, and even after paying shipping, it's still significantly cheaper than anything you would find on amazon or otherwise, and I think they're an awesome product, so check em' out! 

Shirt: Target (Buy Here)| Tank: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Belly Band: The Belly Button Band (Buy Here, "flammbbb" at checkout for free band)| Jeans: Ross

The right is my button in the band, the left is the bands button in my pants!

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This post was sponsored by The Belly Button Band, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Good idea! May have to use that on my next baby!

  2. Awesome! When I was pregnant I continued to wear my normal jeans but used a hair elastic to do kinda what these belly bands do but I had to constantly worry about my shirt covering it. I'll have to get one for the future with the next kiddo. Thanks!


  3. BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  4. wow what a great idea! hope to remember this someday!

    Colour Me Classic

  5. Such a great idea! I'm pregnant with my first so I definitely need to try this!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.