Journaling Goals

I'm terrible at writing in a journal. When I was younger I got a Harry Potter journal for Christmas one year. I wrote in it for a week and then was done with it. After that period of writing in it and being done with it, the date was March 12th, of whatever year it was at the time. I coincidentally picked up that journal to write in it again on March 12th of the following year, and then made it a point to make March 12th my journal writing day all the way through middle school and high school.

After I became a member of the LDS church, and knowing that church members place a high value in journal writing I decided to do better. It also helped that the Relief Society President gave me a new journal at my baptism, it was motivating to write in a new, clean, non-Harry-Potter book. I was pretty consistent writing a couple times a week for about a year, and then didn't write again for 3 years! Whoops!

Two nights ago I recommitted myself to writing in my journal more regularly, since we've been setting new family goals each week, and we've been sticking to them. Now we're just adding upon the goals as they start to become habitual. When I opened my journal to see when I last wrote it was over three years. No mention of Derek and I starting dating, or getting engaged, or married, or having a child. I really let all the good things pass by. What was in there from the last few months that I wrote were hilarious!

Before Derek and I started dating, I was completely obsessed with him and he did not want to date me. Of course he later changed his mind and everything worked out great, but I apparently always made sure I told my journal about Derek every chance I got. I'm really grateful that the one time I decided to be obsessive about a boy in my journal it wound up being my husband or that would have been awkward!

And now, for your entertainment, the musings of a college freshman's obsession over her future husband...

^^How ward callings and crushes on boys belong in the same thought, I have no clue. 

^^ He said yes, and then didn't ask me out again for 7 months #wompwomp

 ^^He later told me a month later this cuddle was purely for the sake of staying warm, nothing more... Here's a picture of said cuddle though, it was the highlight of my freshman life after all. 

^^ He didn't have to go with me to get my keys, he was clearly just leading me on at this point, sheesh Derek!

^^But alas whatever hints of not liking me that Derek was sending I wasn't getting them. What can I say I was smitten. 

Thanks for taking an awkward ride through my journal with me! Have a great weekend!


  1. When you said that you got a Harry Potter journal, it immediately made me think of Tom Riddle's diary. Does that make me a nerd? LOL

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  2. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome! :)

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  3. Love the pictures from your journal! So cool!