Jay at 19 Months

This kid has me wrapped around his little finger! He's doing so many more things over the last month. It's crazy how each month there are more and more things that this kids learns, and does. Jay no longer needs a binky during the day. He usually only has it at night unless he finds one around the house at some point. He is saying a lot more words. He can now claim, yes, no, uh-oh, wow, friends (said "fends"), woof woof (said, "oof oof"), and a monkey noise (said, "oo-oo!"). Jay has become completely enthralled with the sounds of airplanes and birds chirping. Something tells me this guy is going to be just like his daddy. He loves going to the park, and could spend hours going up the stairs and down the slide. Currently his favorite morning activity. When we're home this kid loves to cuddle up and read books for literally hours. Of course its the same 4 over, and over and over. Bring another book in and he'll kindly switch you back to one of the favored ones. He's also super content with sitting in a banana chair and reading a book while I'm cooking or cleaning, or showering. This kids has had a pretty low maintenance month for sure. He's gotten 4 more teeth since last month. He now has D, E, F, G, N, O, P, Q, I, B, S, & L. Teeth, words, books, and parks, that's Jay in a nutshell at 19 months!

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