Splurge or Save?

I think it's easy with fashion blogging to get caught up in having the next best thing in your wardrobe and being on trend. I think it's also easy to get caught up in designers and name brands. A couple weeks ago I found myself wanting a Michael Kor's watch, because "everyone has one". In reality, if I saved for a few months I could probably get one. But when I thought about it, spending $300 on a watch just seems ridiculous, especially since I'm pregnant, that money can go to a million other better things. Although, Derek did promise if we ever become rich I could get one. But when I'm 50 I don't know how much I'll really want a Micheal Kor's watch, we'll see.

Anyways, anything I wear is usually from Ross, Target, or Forever 21. If you ever see me wearing something expensive, or designer, you better believe that it was a gift, and that my toddler will most likely destroy it on me in a month. Which is another reason why I don't invest a lot in my clothes. I'm constantly getting spills or tears or something, so why spend big bucks on something that won't last for more than a few months?

Another hot blogger item I've been noticing are the Rockstud heels from Valentino. When I clicked the link from someones blog to see the shoes online, I literally threw up in my mouth when I saw they were $950. Are you kidding? No shoe is worth that. I realize the Chinese website and the $25 price tag is probably screaming counterfeit on these, but if people can do it in China Town, why not do it from the comfort of your own home? Side note, shipping on the save option is $15, so I guess these are a little over $40 when all is said and done, still a steal though if this is a hot ticket item you've been wanting for a while. 

Nordstrom, buy here, Milanoo, buy here

Have a Thrifty Thursday, thanks for reading!
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  1. They look almost identical!! I'd definitely go for the cheaper pair :)


  2. Aw, they are identical!! Needing these ASAP :)
    xo TJ