Warby Parker

I'm constantly telling myself I need to get a good pair of sunglasses. I literally haven't owned a pair since 10th grade, and I always tell myself I'm going to get some, and just never make it happen. When Warby Parker contacted me about their new summer sunglasses that are being launched today, I was so excited; perfect motivation for me to actually go and get myself a pair. 

What I like most about Warby Parker is that they're a company that gives back. Similar to the concept of Toms shoes, they're a buy a pair, give a pair company. When you purchase a pair of Warby Parker glasses, they give a pair to someone in need. They've helped many struggling people in impoverished countries get the vision care they need in order to help them provide a stable living and income for their families. I love that this blog gives me the chance to use my voice (or words), to help promote companies that are truly giving back and have such a great mission and purpose. 

The Spectrum Sun Collection launching today has so many great shapes and colors for summer, it's hard to choose which ones I like most! There is definitely a style for every personality, another thing I'm really loving. My favorites right now are a toss up between the Minnie Eucalyptus and the Piper (shown below). It's so hard to pick just one! Be sure to head on over to Warby Parker and check out their new collection today. After, come back and tell me which ones you're swooning over.

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  1. What an awesome company!! Beautiful styles of sunglasses, too!

  2. I love that second pair!!! Warby Parker is such a great company.


  3. These are very cute! I've always stayed away from sunglasses that are more round, but these look like they are super flattering. Thanks for sharing :)

    Jennifer Ashley

  4. such a lovely pic- i'm heading over to the warby site now to see more of the collection :)

  5. thanks for sharing. those glasses are very cute.