This is Our Trial

It's hard to write those words. Because labeling it as a trial means admitting that right now is hard. But it is hard, and that's OK. It's been almost a week since finding out that our baby (the one residing in my uterus), has mild ventriculomegaly. It's hard to be sitting here and just waiting to see how this is all going to turn out, but there have been so many blessings that have already come to pass over the last few days that I know that this trial is specifically for Derek and I. And knowing that means that we're going to be able to continue  to persevere through it. 

Who would have thought that parents all over the country are bringing their babies with hydrocephalus and ventriculomegaly to Duke specifically to be able to get the best care possible? Who knew that Duke was pioneering stem cell and cord blood research to be able to repair damaged brain cells due to this condition? It brings us so much comfort in knowing that Heavenly Father has placed us here in NC so that we would be able to get the best care possible for our daughter. 

Another blessing from this has been through our insurance company. When finding out there was something wrong with our baby, I automatically started stressing out about all the medical bills we were going to have. Two nights ago Derek and I sat down to hash through all the details of our insurance plan to find out that our plan has a $5,000 out-of-pocket maximum! That means once we pay that amount, the plan will pay 100%. Before knowing that, I knew our baby was going to need lots of dr visits, tests, scans, and so many other things. I knew it was going to be expensive and had just accepted the fact that we were going to be $100,000+ in debt. When we found out the absolute max we would pay was only $5,000, I almost cried. Seriously, money stresses me out to no end, so this was a huge blessing.

Basically Heavenly Father is involved in every detail of this. I could go on for 12 more paragraphs about the other crazy and amazing things that have happened over the last few days, but lets just leave it with the fact that pretty much every aspect and detail of this has already been taken care of- finding doctors, treatments, finances, we've already been taken care of on every end. The only thing that is left for Derek and I to do is to continue praying and believing that this will turn out alright. We have to put faith to action and keep doing the small and simple things (which sometimes aren't so simple #amiright?)- prayer, scripture study, FHE, they're all on hardcore repeat over here. I have hopes that if faith the size of a mustard seed can move an entire mountain, than my faith, the size of I don't even know, can shrink a brain ventricle 1mm. That's all we need guys 1mm!

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  1. This is such a sweet post. Crossing my fingers (and praying!) that everything works out beautifully.