11 Summer Activities in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Now that we've lived in NC for over a year now, I think it's only fair that I share some of my favorite places around the triangle. This is a combination of things we've done this year and last year so far! Have I missed anything? Let me know your favorite spots in the comments below!

1. Durham Bulls Game
We went to our first game last week and it was so much fun! Our little man wasn't big enough to fully grasp it but still had a good time, and they have a full blown kids area to entertain the bigger little kids if they start getting antsy in their seats.

2. Buckwheat Farm
Located in Apex, NC, this farm had the biggest berries we've seen in North Carolina. Homemade ice cream on site makes it perfect for a summer day, and there are animals to pet and see as well. Perfect outing for all ages.

3. Downtown Chapel Hill
Whenever we have company in town (it's only happened once so far), we take them to downtown Chapel Hill. Walking Franklin St is something that everyone needs to do. It has historic charm and the streets are lined with so many cute shops and restaurants, and a Krispy Kreme, how could you resist?

4. Maple View Farms
In Hillsborro, NC, you can enjoy some of the best ice cream you've ever had in your life. Their farm is loaded with tons of cows, you can take a tour, and when you're done, enjoy the view on the front porch and eat your homemade ice cream. It's the perfect family outing on a hot summer day.

5. Forest Hills Park
While parks are plentiful in the area, not all of them have splash pads. Forest Hills park in Durham has a slash pad that is great for younger and older kids. My little guy fully enjoyed himself at 11 months, and we're excited to go back this year!

6. Pullen Park
In Raleigh off of Wade Ave this place is loaded with fun for the entire family. There are multiple play ground areas targeted for different age groups. You can also purchase tickets to ride the carousel, train, and paddle boats. Playground meets amusement park at this summer hot spot!

7. Dollar Theater Raleigh
I had no idea that this existed until someone at church told me about it! Carmike Blue Ridge 14 is located off of Blue Ridge Rd in Raleigh and plays $2 movies everyday. These movies aren't the newest ones in theater, but if you can hold off from seeing the newest movie for a few weeks, you can save a ton of money!

8. Jordan Lake State Park
One of our favorite spots in the triangle, this state park is a fun day trip. Nestled in Apex, NC you can enjoy sandy lake front beaches, camping, playgrounds, fishing, hiking, swimming and more!

9. Pelican's Snoballs
With multiple triangle locations you can enjoy these summer snow cones no matter where you live. They're a perfect summer treat and everyone I know just raves about them!

10. Duke Gardens
This is an absolute must any time of year. The grounds are beautifully kept, and there are wide open areas where families can enjoy themselves from sunrise to sunset. Bring a Frisbee, kite, and some bubbles and your kids day is instantly made.

11. Herdon Hills Farm
Located in Durham, NC this is the biggest blueberry farm I've ever seen. They have so many berries and they have a 1lb minimum per person, but they're so delicious you won't mind going home with tons and tons of berries. They have chickens on site too that are fun for the kids to see and they have a shorter blackberry season as well.


  1. We love the food in Durham! One of our favorite places is Dame's Chicken and Waffles. We also have fun buying produce at the Green Market off Pettigrew street on Saturdays (there are AWESOME Mexican food trucks there too which never hurts).

  2. Buckwheat farms does blueberries too. And honey.