28 Week Bumpdate

28 weeks, how is that even possible? I'm in the third trimester... we're almost there! This trimester will be full of OB checkups every 2 weeks, 6 more ultrasounds, a meeting with the pediatric neurosurgeons over at Duke, a fetal MRI, and a lot of other things that I probably don't even know about yet! I'm so grateful for modern medicine and all the great doctors that we have on our side to take care of me and our baby!

Also, lets talk about how I got out of having to do the gestational diabetes test! The test is supposed to be done between 24-28 weeks, and I switched OBs in that time period, so at this point I'm hoping it's too late and that they won't be able to do the test... but seriously, I already know I don't have it, and the pint of orange chemicals that they make you drink is disgusting... so I'm pretty excited at the thought of getting out of that one!

Denim Jacket: Target (Buy Here)| Necklace: Forever 21 (Sold Out)| Shirt: Target (Buy Here)| Skirt: Amazon (Buy Here)

How far along? 28 weeks
How big is baby? The size of a large eggplant
Total weight gain? 24 pounds (if you're wondering if I haven't gained a pound in the last month I haven't, my body likes to hoard it in for a few weeks, and then bust 10 more out of nowhere, so expect a huge jump soon)
Best moment this week? Having an ultrasound this Friday!
Food cravings? Anything sweet
Food aversions? Krave cereal and meatballs 
Symptoms? Hot Flashes, and extreme thirst (yes people, the water bottle has permanently become a staple in my life)
Next appointment? May 30th, Friday!


  1. Yay for making it to the third trimester! You are looking fabulous! (And I have my gestational diabetes test coming up in two weeks. SO not looking forward to drinking that drink!)

  2. Cute necklace!


  3. I hope the rest of your appointments go well! I love your maxi skirt and denim jacket together!


  4. gorgeous outfit!

  5. love the green skirt and yellow necklace together!

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    mon | http://www.monsemble.ca

  6. congrats and beautiful outfit!


  7. Love this green maxi skirt - it looks great with your white top and denim jacket. I really like the pop of yellow you added and how you are wearing it under your jacket collar. Never considered that before, but I will now keep it in mind. :)