Durham Bulls

Last Saturday we took Jay to his first ever baseball game! He was a huge fan of clapping when everyone else was clapping, drinking from massive water cups, and eating hot dogs with mom and dad. I think we've  perfectly set him up for a love of all things baseball! 

We wound up having awesome seats that were right in the front corner of our section. It was fenced off and Jay could wander in the isle, or stand on the rail in front of us without getting in anyone else's way. It was perfect for Derek and I to get to watch the game, and for Jay to do as his heart desires. 

We left halfway through the fifth inning because bedtime was beckoning Jay, but it is still something we're hoping to do again while we're here in NC. Seeing the great view of Downtown Durham gave my heat a pitter pattering of hope that we might be able to call Durham home again someday. I just love that city. And I just realized that all my pictures are mainly of Jay and no actual baseball playing... but what can I say? I love that little man!


  1. He is adorable!!
    Giveaway: Izak tote.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. The bulls games are fun. Even for a non-baseball watcher as myself!
    xo, Lee

  3. I'm glad you had fun!! I love the Durham Bulls!