Elevating Your Husband's Closet

Many of you know that Derek is graduating from his undergrad this year! I'm continually blown away by the fact that he will have completed his entire degree in 3 1/4 years while working full time and having a family. I love that guy for sure! 

Along with college graduation though came the realization that it might be time for a more professional wardrobe. We had to have a heart to heart the other night where I kindly told him that it was time to stop wearing shirts with store logos on the front. He agreed, and then gave me a list of all the clothes he really needs to to begin his journey through the corporate world over the next few months. 

Derek knew the clothes he needed, but was unsure about how it would all fit into his personal style. Anyone who knows Derek knows that he's a minimalist when it comes to clothes, and he is definitely not a fashionista by any means. Not to say he has bad taste in clothes, I just think it's harder for men to put it all together sometimes. Good thing they have such great wives to help them out right? 

Shoes & Belt: Aside from the fact that Derek has been wearing the same belt for 5 years, and that he's been wearing running shoes to work everyday (he doesn't even run...), a classic pair of shoes and a matching belt give a more put together look without having to be anything crazy like two toned oxfords or something with a pointed toe. 

Watches: Derek actually does pretty good in this department. Sadly for him though, all the watches he had kicked the bucket all around the same time and he's been wearing one that doesn't work for the past few months. A classic watch will always give you a more professional look. So ditch the triathlon watch and head over to the men's counter at your local department store and see what you can find! Note: this is not a time for a digital screen, I promise.

T-shirts: Derek's job is actually pretty casual right now. He wears jeans and a t-shirt to work daily, but he has way too many shirts that have "Aeropostale" plastered across the front. It's time to switch those out for classic prints, like stripes, or just stick to plain solids. 

Button Downs & Dress Pants: Since Derek's job is so casual, while he wants to amp his wardrobe, wearing a three piece suit would just make him look a little funny at this point. Classic button down shirts, paired with nice dress pants though can really go a long way in setting you apart from those who show up in Aero shirts, and those who look like they're ready to grow with the company. Can you tell we're working on promotions over here or what? 

What tips do you have for making your husband dress for success? 


  1. Love the button down shirt.


  2. Cool stuff, love the watch!

  3. This is great! Haha when my husband and I first got married (almost 3 years ago!!!:) I started working at Dillard's and even though I despised that job, the best thing was that I worked in the men's department and got tons of nice, nice clothing for cheap before I left! I really think that job was the single greatest change to Dalin's style!

  4. It's great that your husband is pretty good when it comes to watches. I love watches and have bought my husband a couple of really nice fossil ones over the years. He insists on wearing them with the watch face on the inside of his wrist, it drives me mad, ha ha! You need to show off a nice watch by wearing it the right way round :)