29 Week Bumpdate

Friday we had a combined OB and ultrasound appointment. We learned that the baby's ventricles have enlarged from 13mm each to 14mm & 18mm each. This moves us from the ventriculomegaly category to the hydrocephalus category. The doctor was still unable to tell if the mid line in the brain was there or not. At this point I personally feel like if he can't see that it is there, that's telling me it's because it isn't there. Maybe I'm lacking faith, but we are in the process of getting a fetal MRI scheduled at Duke and from there they should be able to tell 100% what we're dealing with. Then we can sit down with the pediatric neurosurgeon and set up our after birth plan with them. I love having plans made and something to be able to count on and anticipate, so I'm really looking forward to having this appointment. This baby is coming in 2 and a half months (or sooner), so plans need to be made! 

The good news from this appointment was that the baby's head is still the size it should be which means so far I should be able to have a normal delivery despite all the fluid building up in the baby's brain. We also learned that the baby is now 2lbs and 11oz! I think baby girl Flamm is going to be a lot bigger than her older brother. 

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How far along? 29 weeks
How big is baby? The size of a butternut squash (or 2lbs 11oz according to our ultrasound)
Total weight gain? 26 lbs
Best moment this week? Finally getting the doctors working on my MRI
Food cravings? Anything sweet
Food aversions? Anything heartburn inducing
Symptoms? Hot flashes and being light headed 
Next appointment? 2 weeks 


  1. Thinking of you guys all the time! Hoping you can get all the answers and peace that are humanly possible. You're a rockstar.

  2. I hope your MRI goes well! I'm a planner too so I can imagine how you feel. Definitely thinking of you guys during this time :)


  3. Wishing you all the best at your MRI appointment!

  4. Wish you the best, your blog is so sweet! :)