Jamberry Nails

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying out Jamberry Nails with one of my dear friends, Julia. I was a little hesitant to be honest, not because of the product, but because I never do my nails. Seriously. I'm the girl that showed up to her own wedding with her nails unpainted and trimmed all the way down to the bit. The idea of having all my nails done in one crazy pattern seemed a little overwhelming for me to say the least.

But then, conversion happened. I saw a bunch of different people who were pairing Jamberry Nail wraps with normal paint colors on their nails as well, and this non girly-girl was smitten. Julia let me try out the Gold Fleck on Navy, which I paired with gold, and silver glitter nail polish, and it was pretty much the greatest mail experience I'd ever had.

The best part about these wraps is that they last on your hands for 2 weeks, and your toes for 6 weeks. Which is great seeing as how my low maintenance beauty routine can't deal with having to do up keep on my fingers and toes on a weekly basis. 

Another thing I loved about these nails were how easy it was to apply them. They're heat activated, so you blow your hair dryer on the wrap, center it and apply pressure to it on your nail, blow your nail with the hair dryer again to secure it in place, and you're done. And you can go ahead and do the dishes, shower, and clean instantly without waiting for dry time and chipping. Clearly these were made for moms on the go!

Sweater: Macy's (Clearance)| Tank: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Belt: Target (Buy Here)| Jeans: Destination Maternity (Buy Here)| Shoes: Justfab (Sold Out)| Nail Wraps: Jamberry c/o (Buy Here)| Bangles: Forever 21 (Buy Here)| Green Bracelet: Kluster Shop c/o (Buy Here)


  1. I've still never tried these. Too bad!

  2. Yours turned out so much better than mine! Love what you chose!


  3. You have a lovely blog <3 Love the outfit and your nails, so pretty! :)
    kisses ♥

  4. love those super fun nails! that cardigan/ sweater is so cute! love this look!


  5. Lovely look. Love the nails! Xx