Summer Trends with Macy's and Clinton Kelly

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Friday I had an awesome opportunity to attend an event at Macy's hosted by Clinton Kelly. Many of you may know him from What Not To Wear, or more recently from The Chew. I was honored and floored that I was asked to attend this event. I spent a lot of time in high school watching What Not To Wear, so being at an event with someone who hosted the show was one of those crazy full circle moments for me. 

The main point of the evening was to highlight some of the hot trends for this summer, and how to style them for your age and body type. I loved how Clinton highlighted the difference between fashion and style. He spoke about how fashion is like everything at a food buffet, and that your style is what you pick from the buffet for yourself. I should probably start calling my fashion posts, style posts instead. 

Some of the trends that were highlighted were the "Americana", you'll be seeing a lot of red, white, and blue together this summer, and I'm a real big fan. Another trend was the "white out". Clinton showcased three looks from head to toe in all white. The key to pulling this off was by using different textures and one item with a pop to it! The final trend was pattern mixing which I'm sure we've all come to love by now. 

Aside from style, and fashion, and all that great stuff, Clinton's overall message was my favorite part. He spoke on how women are so hard on themselves and nit pick every part of their bodies that they don't like. I'm guilty of this, and I know a lot of other people are too. Clinton begged for us to all stop comparing ourselves to one another and to truly start loving ourselves for who we are. It's not like this was the first time that I've heard this, but I truly loved how Clinton truly wants to be able to make all woman feel great about themselves. Which is why in the show he highlighted looks for the young, slim and slender woman, the curvy woman, and the older woman. 

While clothes shouldn't be what you base your self worth on, when you dress well, and the clothes that you wear highlight the best features of you, you're going to feel good about yourself, and that energy will be picked up by those around you. 


  1. What great pictures!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun!! I loved Clinton on What Not to Wear!


  3. Love all of the plaids and stripes. Such fun prints for summer.

  4. What a fun fun night! And I'm so glad to see Ashley was there too!

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