33 Week Bumpdate| Sequins and Maxi Skirts

Last week I went in for what must have been my one thousandth ultra sound this pregnancy, (actually, my seventh), and they were doing all their measuring and everything and told me that our baby weighed 4lbs 13oz already, and that she was "barreling toward 9lbs". I almost died of laughter on the spot. Apparently the doctor wasn't surprised since I'm 5'7'', but when I told him my first baby was only 6lbs 15oz, he was more surprised at that one, and told me to not expect that very often. So there you have it, I'm cooking a 9 pound baby in this belly.

 Shirt: Old Navy| Tank: Forever 21| Skirt: Amazon| Shoes: Target

How far along? 33 weeks
How big is baby? The size of a pineapple
Total weight gain? 29lbs
Food cravings? Smoothies
Food aversions? Krave cereal, and meatballs, still. 
Next appointment? Fetal Echo on July 8th (routine, nothing to be alarmed about)

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  1. Loving this maxi skirt on you! It's such a pretty color :)